Developing Novel Tests for the Early Detection of Cancer

                                  Abcodia is dedicated to transforming clinical care through the earlier detection of cancer. We focus on measuring and modeling dynamic changes in serum-based biomarkers over time. Our first product, the ROCA Test, is a blood test for the early detection of ovarian cancer.

                                  Our Approach

                                  Products & Pipelines

                                  The ROCA Test

                                  ROCA Test

                                  The ROCA? Test is a simple blood test that helps determine a woman's risk of having ovarian cancer.

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                                  Serum Biobank

                                  Serum Biobank

                                  Abcodia has exclusive commercial rights to a serum biobank that allows discovery and validation of biomarkers of early disease formation.

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                                  Our Pipeline

                                  Abcodia Pipeline

                                  Abcodia is focused on the discovery and validation of non-invasive and cost effective blood tests for the earlier detection of solid tumors.

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